impackable taste

so i have a pile of stuff to pack in my room that has been growing and accumulating like a moldy piece of bread. you don’t really notice how much mold is on that piece of bread till you’re JUST about ready to take a bite. i do realize i could have come up with a better analogy and that probably isn’t the most appealing of my choices….but it’s the best i can do right now (i think the packing is getting to me).

i’ve been throwing things one by one onto this pile and seemed to only now realize how much that stuff has spread…and how impossible it is going to be to pack it all in TWO fifty pound bags. i love a challenge…don’t get me wrong. but this one might be the toughest of them all. go to college and double major? psssh piece of cake. run two half marathons? could have done it in my sleep! that stuff is easy. conquering the pile o stuff to pack and checking off my 4534 lists i’ve made…not so much.

on the bright side, at least i’m going to a place that’s pretty much just like the midwest. well…except for the whole not being in america at all part. but i sorta know what i’m doing when it comes to cold weather (or at least i should by now). which helps. though it doesn’t make my parka and heavy duty boots any easier to pack, darn. the option to just wear all my bulky winter clothes and snow boots on the flight is still on the table……..though…not a very good one.

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