patriotic parties & purposeful packing

i can aaaaalmost count the days till i leave all on one hand. pretty unreal. and pretty awesome. this morning i went head to head with a mount everest sized pile of clothes deemed ‘i can’t live without’ and came out the winner with a very very limited (but easy to pack now) wardrobe. kristen:1 over-packing: 0.5

the trick? execution style decision making. line up all the clothes, then one by one, pick what stays and what goes. but like any painful decision…there is no second guessing and no going back…and it has to be done quickly before you start picturing yourself blissfully happy in the clothing article you just decided was a ‘no’ and all the items in the ‘no’ pile are crying out for you to save them. (noooot that that’s happened to me or anything).

thankfully, like in france, it’s culturally acceptable to have a small wardrobe. and i mean small. so small that closets just don’t exist and no one thinks a thing for wearing the same outfit for an entire week (like my professors in france who wore the SAME things all semester). so at that rate…i really only need like 5 shirts really. score for me! this is when febreeze will come in handy.

but really…i packed more than 5 shirts…and even though it’s still a pretty limited wardrobe…i may take a few things out still. in another rage of purging. but they’re all compression packed, waiting, ready to be opened again in the brisk ukrainian air.

when i’ve not been packing i’ve been busily saying bye to friends and family. i made the uber patriotic ukrainian vegan cupcakes pictured for the family & friends party the other evening. it was so wonderful to see everyone one last time and excitingly talk about my adventures ahead of me. but at the same time so strange to say ‘see you in two years!’ but i did i pass out my blog business cards so maybe now i’m not just writing this blog to an audience of one ; )

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