i’m leavin on a jet plane

checkin things off with my boggle pen

like wrestler anxiously awaiting a pre-season weigh-in, i got on the scale holding my bags praying to make it within the 50 pound weight limit. bag number one came  JUST under 45.5 pounds. and bag number two a mere 30 even.

pack for two years? check. multiple climates? check and all under 100 pounds?  mission accomplished. i’m awesome.

(but really it’s the space saver bags, i can’t take the credit here)

well whoever i should thank my packing genius for…i’m eternally grateful. now to  just carry it all…

it still still surreal that in 8 hours i’ll be in the air to washington dc where i’ll meet my other pc ukraine friends and then we fly off to ukraine!! eeeeee! while i’ve been faaairly calm this entire time, i do have little secret little mini freak-outs from time to time. that go something like this:


here we goooo! : )

but all freak-outs aside, i’m beyond beyond excited to be starting this new journey. a journey that will undoubtably change my life. a journey for which i now have to go to bed for so i can wake up at 3am and catch a flight. a one way flight to bein peace corps’d for life.

bye family and friends!! i’ll see you all in 2013! : )

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