i like to write/pee

i just got back from a run, which from the unpaved streets turned out to be a very muddy run. but it was so nice out (not snowing for once!) so i decided to take advantage of it. i definitely got some second glances as i ran around my neighborhood! at one point in my run a little german shepherdish puppy saw me and joyfully ran along side me for a while, weaving around me like a dolphin heading a ship. he stopped after a little ways and stood to watch me run off without him. wondering, like my neighbors, why i’m still running. hopefully i’ll see him again on my next run : ) by the time i made it back home my running shoes didn’t look like shoes at all they were so covered in mud. i feel they’ve now been christened with their first ‘ukrainian’ run hehe.

oh yea, let me tell you….running makes lukewarm bucket showers much much more bearable!

so today was our first meeting with the school administration. i’d practiced my little speech and felt sorta prepared. but thankfully we had a little bit of time to practice with our language teacher before we had to go to the school. we were all doing really well, considering we just learned it yesterday. when it was my turn to practice i was golden (i’m being generous by saying this) and everything sounded (fairly) good. although when i got to the part we say what we love to do and i tried pronouncing ‘to write’…my language teacher snickered. that’s when i knew i said something wrong. apparently the word ‘to write’  with a different stress means ‘to pee’. great. i almost told the school administrators that i love to pee. we had quite the laugh about that! good thing i caught that before i actually gave my speech…

we all nervously entered the school, which somewhat reminded me of the school in madeline with big tall windows and long corridors. we went up to the top floor to a room were other english teachers were waiting, said hello, and took a seat. i ran over my speech a few more times before the mayor’s assistant, principles from the three schools, police officer, and local journalist entered. pshhh no pressure.

i was third to give my speech and things started off well! but then i messed up on a word and pretty much bombed the rest after that. but i smiled, laughed at myself, and didn’t say ‘i like to pee’ so i guess in that respect it went pretty well. one thing i love about this culture is their similar sense of humor. meaning, the principle of one of the schools jokingly told me in ukrainian (our language teacher was translating) that i should just leave chicago there are many a fine men here for me to marry! they certainly appreciate humor here…which i’m so thankful for. so maybe i could have said ‘i love to pee’? i’m not sure…i don’t think i’d risk that yet.

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