jackets and jorts

today was seriously gor.ge.ous. outside. the nicest it’s been since we arrived. it was pushing the 60s and there wasn’t a cloud in the sky. after learning my lesson and underdressing a couple days ago, i dressed semi-warm but could totally have walked sans-coat. i was tempted to take off my coat, though every single person busily walking to work was completely bundled up! and i mean completely. hat, scarf, parka, boots…you would have thought it was blizzarding out! the first thing chicagoans do at the first change to warmer weather is cut off their jeans for jorts and the sleeves of their shirts. well, maybe not really, but you would definitely not see someone bundled up if there’s sunbathing weather just around the corner.

i guess it has to do with the ukrainian mentality that “you drink cold water, you get cold, you catch a cold, and then you die” so there’s really no room to fool around here. no jorts allowed. well not when there’s a chance that you could be even the slightest cold. i want to be daring and go coatless just so i can feel the sun soooomewhat warm my skin, but i’m guessing i’d be scolded by a sloo of babushkas telling me i need a coat. so i’m not going to risk it quite yet. maybe in a few weeks.

after language lessons, megan and i wanted to enjoy the warmth (or cold as everyone else apparently thought it was). before i left for my walk i ran back home to change coats and said bye to my host mom who gave me a handful of candy to share with megan on our walk (she’s the best). we walked to the park and explored some of the town and caught the attention of some. i walked past a little boy fishing who, without me even saying anything, knew i was american and shyly said ‘hi’. it was quite adorable.

it’s pretty funny, the minute i changed into my lighter jacket, which is actually the blue jacket bella wore in the movie twighlight (but that’s NOT why i bought it!!!!!) (just to give you an idea of what it looks like), kids started saying things to me in english. even a small group of giggling girls said ‘good morning’ after we walked by. but none of this happened to me when i was wearing my warmer coat, scarf, and hat! you’d think i had a giant american flag draped over my shoulders (i only do that on the weekends). but i guess i was able to fit in more when i dressed appropriately for the cold. as to not catch a cold and die.

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