poops, pears, and packages

well i started off today by cleaning up stray kitty poo and stray kitty vomit off my sheets, finishing my only jar of jam (i really love of jam), dropping my toast (with my last bit of jam), and breaking my tea saucer (that i dropped with my toast and jam)…but it ended with a huge bag of pears gifted from my neighbor and a surprise package from kevin all the way over in singapore! pretty much the best turn around you could ask for (…though i don’t think it would take much to improve your day after cleaning up that mess).

i should mention that i don’t usually wake up and have stray kitty poo and stray kitty vomit on my sheets. this was a special occasion (and hopefully a once in a lifetime occasion). yesterday i went out for a walk  in the fields after dinner, chucha (my adopted stray dog) following faithfully by  my side. chucha ran a little ways ahead of me when i heard a tinnnny tinnnnny kitten crying. i had no idea where it was coming but as i turned around to look behind me there was the source. a kitten (maybe 5 weeks old?? i don’t really know, tiny, that’s all) came running after me, crying out. i kind of looked around as if to say ‘what? me??’ confused as to why it would be crying and following after me. as it got closer to my feet, a second kitty came running, following the first. they kept cryyying and cryying at me, looking up at me from way down on the ground. their big innocent eyes begging me to help them.

i stared at them, they stared at me. chucha quickly noticed i’d made some new friends and came bounding towards me, eager to meet them (though the kittens didn’t share chucha’s same eagerness). so there i stood, trying to hold the joyfully wiggly chucha apart from the now pissed off and scared kitties. i must look absolutely ridiculous, i thought. and then i just started to laugh. i should have known that ‘if you feed them they will follow’.

desperately i looked around for their mother, but from their sickly skinny state, i came to the conclusion they haven’t had a mother for a while. so what could i do. i couldn’t just leave these poor kitties out all by themselves on a chilly night. though i certainly didn’t want them. oh, they were cute alright…but as my cat loving friends will attest, i’m much more of a dog person. besides that i’m terribly allergic and have a 10×10 living quarters that probably doesn’t allow cats. regardless of all these things listed on my mental ‘pros/con’ list, i scooped them up and carried them to my apartment, hoping no one would notice.

i really didn’t have a plan at this point. keeping them was out of the question, but i figured maybe they could stay a day or two or three. i really wasn’t even thinking ahead, i just knew they were cold and hungry. so i got them inside, threw my sheet on the ground for them and gave them a saucer (the one i broke this morning sniff sniff) of milk. they drank so much so quickly i was certain they’d barf it all up. they began to become more comfortable around my room and began unstably bouncing around jumping on my bed, to my chair, everywhere. i have to admit it was adorable. everywhere i was they had to be. looking up at me meowing meowing meowing. i was beginning to think they legitimately thought i was their mom.

it was all terribly cute and amusing till one peed on my bed and i found a flea on my arm. i put a hat on (as though that would really help against fleas, but it felt like it helped) and hurried them into my bathroom. remembering the time i gave a stray dog that found me while working for habitat for humanity (SEE it really does happen all the time!) a flea bath, i decided, probably against my better judgment to give it a try with them. i spent an hour attempting this and all that resulted was 31% of their fleas down my shower drain, scratches all over my arms, and two very wet kitties. i knew i wasn’t going to actually rid them of fleas, but i had to try something. just to kill a few and make a point.

so it was in my shower that they remained. i threw my now peed-on bed sheet and a box in there for them and i sat there watching them. trying to think of what to do.  if it wasn’t for the fact that i live in a dormitory and the kitchen (which is where my shower is) isn’t actually mine, i would have kept them there till they were a bit bigger at least. after a while, my ‘cons’ list and the logical side of my brain one and i realized that i’d have to take them back from where they came from tomorrow.

kittens in a tub

i woke up extra early in the morning to take them back before the faculty arrived at school and found kittens in my shower. the whole way back they cried and looked up at me, at though they knew what my verdict was. i felt terrible. but i realized i really couldn’t keep them. if anything at least they got a bath, warm bed, and a meal out of it. i put them on the ground at the exact spot i met them at yesterday hoping maybe they knew where to go from here. as soon as i set them down, they began pouncing and wobbling around happily, as if none of it ever happened. and so i turned and walked away without them following, without them even noticing.

they kittens were gone, but their mess remained. so i spent the majority of the day washing everything by hand. which with sheets, is an especially difficult task. and now we come back to the beginning where i dropped my toast and jam and broke my saucer. but in the midst of poopy laundry my neighbor’s sons brought over a bulging bag of pears picked right from their tree. i was sooo happy to receive them and quickly ate three. instantly my day got so much better.

pears for breakfast, lunch, and dinner

after a few hours of laundry i went to hang them up outside, feeling so grateful that i was able to wash that mess out of them. i was almost done hanging them on the line when i saw the post carrier ride by on her bike. i said ‘good afternoon’ to her and figured she’d reply with the same but instead told me i had a package waiting for me at the post office. i was so excited and somewhat confused since i received a package from my mom just the day before so i had no idea who it could have been from. i got on my bike and rode over to the post office and walked out with a box sent from my brother in singapore. i rode back to my apartment the fastest i’ve ever gone and opened it up inside. it was filled with all things from singapore and malaysia (some deliciously edible). i haven’t seen my brother since he left in january to do  PhD research in singapore. this certainly made me miss him. it was the best surprise and so thoughtful of him…it almost felt like it was intentionally delivered to me on this very poopy day (no pun intended).

things from singapore!

5 thoughts on “poops, pears, and packages

  1. The kitty poo story! I was serving in Africa and my kittens jumped on my bed first thing in the morning and had disentary all over the sheets. I hauled water, cleaned them by hand, hung to dry and went to bed. The next morning they jumped on the bed to wake me up and “PPPFfft” did it again! No more kittens! Ukraine looks beautiful. What sector are you in?

  2. By the end of your stay in Ukraine, every time you walk out the door you will have an army of little furry friends following you everywhere(if that’s not already the case).

  3. oh my goodness! oh my goodness! those little kittens are ahhhhhh-dorable! it sounds like you’re living out a “cinderella”-esque fantasy– you open your windows and birds fly to sing on your arm; cats and dogs flock to your underprivileged living conditions. soon, a prince (or, jeff) will come to your aid and whisk you and your animal friends off to a happily-ever-after castle. preferably one where me & jasper live next door.

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