photos, paper, and penmanship

technically yesterday was the first day of school, but TODAY is the actual first day the students do something. i still really don’t understand the educational system here. at all. i came to school at 8:10 ready for the first lesson at 8:30. i met up with lesya and she told me we were only to have one lesson that day (which i have to admit i was sort of fine with). the lesson was 2nd period so i had 40 minutes to kill. i wondered around school, saying hi to students, and made my way up to the tiny teachers’ room. all the teachers here share one small room as their office. this is where, according to my contract, i’m supposed to have a desk and bookcase too, though considering the size of the room, doubt that is going to happen.

there was an open desk so i asked if i could sit down and wait there for my class. i sat there for a while, got out my laptop, and realized that no one there had computers. just stacks and stacks of papers with A+ penmanship. on the office was was a handwritten schedule for monday’s classes. apparently they’re going to make the schedule day-by-day. and since my counterpart and i don’t have an actual classroom, we have to shuffle into which ever room is available. monday only has 4 classes with some of the older kids and i’ll be done by noon. can’t complain about that! if only every day ended that early….here’s hoping to having only one class (or no class) on friday hehe.

all of the students seemed to finish pretty early, ran back to the dorms, changed out of their uniforms and most left for home. that’s one very very nice thing about weekends in ukraine. almost ALL the kids go home. even in university. they go home for every single weekend. certainly different from my university experience. ukrainians would die if they found out i didn’t go home for easter once! so right  now it sort of feels like summer again. just 5 or so students are still here, though none from my dorm stayed, and it’s quiet. if only it could always be this way!! i guess this will give me another reason to REALLY look forward to the weekends.

later in the afternoon tanya called me over to her room when she saw me outside eating some watermelon. we talked for a little, looked through a bagillion photos (ukrainians love photos), used the internet outside of school, she bought me ice cream (again! even though i insisted on paying. i owe her like 20 hrv in ice cream) and went for walk to the river. we were going to sit on the pier but a very intoxicated fisherman prevented that from happening. nothin like drinking and fishing at 2pm.

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