questionable beans and questionable drunks

sunday didn’t result in much of anything. i ended up not making a cake with my neighbor like we had talked about. i went over at the time we agreed on the night before and she wasn’t there. then when i walke by later i saw her husband outside peeing in the yard…so awkward (but they don’t have a toilet so i guess that makes sense). so in short it didn’t happen. i think i might just buy an oven myself. i’d probably be super happy that i did. as well as everyone who will receive free delicious baked goods.

i rode around on my bike for a while since the whole cake thing didn’t happen. the sunflowers have been harvested and now only dried broken stalks within the brown soil remains. i rode over to my favorite field to find the nearby field being burnt for the end of the season. it was stunning. the neon orange flames flush against the yellow green of the field. purple smoke rose up from the blazing straw. the fire crackled and popped like falling raindrops when driving in the rain. the purple haze rose up into the air and lingered as it slowly drifted off in the wind. birds flew every which direction around the fire, not knowing what to do. i stood there holding on to my bike, watching in awe. it was so beautiful yet terrible and saddening at the same.

i was surprised when i heard the noise of an approaching car since i’ve never seen a car down that path. they were probably equally surprised and confused to see me standing there watching a field burn. after a while i decided to get closer to the blaze and road to it like a moth towards a light. the field burned in strips, as though the earth had been combed by fire, leaving the most interesting pattern. walking my bike i wondered down the dirt road for a little, the crackling fire still in my ears. i came upon a tree that looked like it would be perfect for climbing, if it wasn’t for the giant thorns everywhere. on the tree limbs hung what looked like pea pods. so naturally i picked one off, opened it up to find green lima bean looking peas. not knowing what it was i ate one… naturally. it didn’t taste all that good. more or less tasted like i just ate a leaf. but it was worth a try.

when i got back to the dorms, most of the students were back with their parents. i went to the store, found they had bananas and foolishly bought more than i should eat per day (you don’t understand though…they neeever have produce so i couldn’t help myself). kola, my neighbor was also in the store, he was drunker than he usually is and was making a commotion at the store. thankfully he didn’t see me, and i was able to avoid him. when i walked back to the dorms and stood outside with chucha talking to the students, the shop keeper approached holding my packet of bananas. i guess i was so excited to purchase them i forgot to take them all together! i was so surprised she walked over to give them to me. customer service like that just doesn’t exist in ukraine. so i was impressed needless to say.

later that evening, my parents called and i had to go out to the street to talk to them (i can’t get cellphone reception in my room, which is going to be great come winter time!). it was already super dark out at this point and having no street lamps i wasn’t about to go walking too far away from school. i just stayed in the front of the dorms, walking back and forth when my neighbor, kola, staggered towards me. at the same time i was trying to switch over to jeff who was calling on the other line. by then, kola was right infront of me and grabbed my arm, i managed to get him to let go, avoiding eye contact and tried to quickly continue on to school. he was clearly upset by my ‘brush-off’ and shouted ‘what??’ to which i simply acknowledged with a ‘good evening kola’ and walked quickly away. i didn’t think he would harm me necessarily, but i just simply don’t know and didn’t want to take the risk.

2 thoughts on “questionable beans and questionable drunks

  1. Haha Kristen! Your kids beat you to the drawing of the smiling penis and vagina! You should frame it. You have taught them well condiment love… 🙂 Im proud of you, sounds like you had a great first week. keep it up!

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