baking and brown-nosing

i feel like i should write a letter of apology to every teacher i had. i feel like i should apologize for ever misbehaving, not doing my homework, and not listening in class. i was a good student, don’t get me wrong, one of the best and slightly a brown-noser now that i look back on it. but now that i’m a teacher, i have a whole new respect for what they do.

today wasn’t exactly an amazing day. the class i worried about the most, the 5th form, turned out to be my best class by far. and 6th wasn’t sooo bad. one of my students gave me a jar of honey before class started so how could i hate them. plus during class when i showed them my chicago postcards, one of the boys said in ukrainian ‘ohhh wow! look how clean it is…people must not drink there’. sad. sad that trash and beer bottels are their reality.

so the 5th and 6th weren’t terrible but 8th, 9th, and 11 were just painful. the 8th and 9th being the worst (11th not so much since they all didn’t have a book and i had nothing else planned) the other kids were wild and seriously rude. they knew they were too, they wouldn’t act like that infront of any other class. there was no way to get them to listen. they couldn’t understand any english i was saying and when they said things to mean in ukr/rus and i thooought i understood, they’d laugh when i answered. my threats to send them to the director did nothing. it was just an all around terrible terrible situation. when another teacher came into the room for something, they all quickly stood up and at attention. if only they’d do that for me! i know they’re just testing my boundaries right now. i remember that when i was a student. but if only they understood more english or if i understood more ukrainian i’d be able to properly discipline them without being a laughing stock.

so after my terrible lessons i walked up to the teacher’s cabinet and find the schedule for the next day. i found the word english and next to it, my worst nightmare. all of my bad classes, in one day. just great. tomorrow’s gonna be FUUUUUN! so i went home, or well stopped at the mahazine on my way to ask them if they liked he cake i gave them and then went home.

later after a little mental recovery i went to the dorms to tutor the two 7th form girls. i had a lesson (completely copied from my ukrainian language teacher) all about the alphabet and it went really really well. they actually picked it up quickly. it was so nice to see SOMEONE wanting to learn english.

i mainly spent the rest of the day lesson planning. and trying to think of a way to get them to listen to me. while i was planning i could hear the students out in the yard. they were all making rather loud flatulence noises with their arms. i couldn’t help but laugh. i mean farts are always funny. the dorm RA didn’t mind it either since she commented ‘ohh what beautiful music!’. and later i stepped outside my door to find a group of kids learning a choreographed dance just for fun. i joined in for a little and for a moment it felt like i was back at summer camp. so many of the kids here (not all) are great outside of class, but in class they’re like whole knew people and much less enjoyable.

well’s here to tomorrow..hopefully it goes better.

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