discipline and desserts

well i’m pooped and pretty much ready for bed but some kid on the floor above me is banging on the pipes that run down into my room…so i guess i’ll write.

today went better than yesterday. not super by any means, but better. the 7b form was the best out of all of them, second place goes to 8a, and third…well that goes to 8b. so in today’s tally of enacted discipline i confiscated three cellphones, one note, gave zeros for no homework, made a kid stand at the blackboard and sent another kid out of the classroom. i was on fire.

traditional ukrainian artwork

i honestly felt bad for the kid i sent out of the room, though he is the king of the trouble makers and ruckus in my worst class. i walked back to the back of the room where he was and pointed to the door. i told him to get out and stand in the hallway. he looked terrified. he clasped his hands together pleading me to let him stay and he won’t do a single thing more. though i know from my years of working with kids, you always have to follow through with discipline. so while part of me wanted to give him a second chance, i still stood there trying my best ‘mean’ face, pointing to the door. finally he got up and did what i told him to. though 3 minutes later he snuck back in to which i escorted him out again.

one of the classrooms i teach in

i spent my evening helping some students with homework, grading, lesson planning and baking chocolaty chocolate cookies for oleg my regional manager who’s coming tomorrow. they’re double chocolaty cookies cause i found chocolate margarine at my little mahazine (imagine that!)  oleg told us during swearing in that when he comes to visit he’d love it if we had sweets and tea for him. and hey…it can’t hurt to suck up to your sort of boss hehe.


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