village thrillage

with nothing to do during cold quarantine, this is a little ‘visual tour’ i put together of my ukrainian village. and while i often say i live ‘in the butt middle of no where’, this more precisely, is actually where i live. in the south east of ukraine. it takes me 45 minutes by bus to get the the nearest town where they have a bazaar, a few grocery stores, and an atm. and 2.5ish hours by bus to reach the nearest volunteer.

butt middle of nowhere

butt middle of nowhere

i live on the smaller darker side.

technically, though, this entire area is my village. but it’s divided into two parts by a major road. annnd i still can’t figure out how to get to the other side…except for a 2 hour bike ride. there’s nothing there anyways. so it sorta doesn’t exist.

ma village

up-close and personal! i carefully mapped out the important (and only) things in my village. in the summer the surrounding fields were covered in sunflowers and straw. pretty.

also i think i’ve posted this photo before, but here it is again! you know you love it!

the laura ingalles wilder post office

the center of my village is made up of two stores. bustlin'!

store numba one

store numba two

there's no such thing as 'perusing' here. sad day.

and the clutter of the store gives me anxiety

and half of the store is booze and candy

and this is my selection of produce.

but they have candddddddy!

and yummy treats that come in boxes like these.

they often just use the abacus. fascinating!

postal carrier bike


dormitory #2. where i live with the kiddies.

i didn’t exactly picture myself living up village life in a vinyl sided dormitory building, but life in peace corps is full of surprises. and the endless fields of gold, open spaces and simplicity of life i’ve encountered here still makes it just as authentic anyways. come for a visit if you’d like ; )

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