the past month in 5-7-5-7-7

i certainly am no expert in math or sciences (minus the one time i was math student of the month and won the since fair with my hydroponics…those were flukes) but i’d like to theorise that the frequency in my blog updates directly correlates to 1.) the speed/accessibility of internet — productivity goes along with that too 2.) the weather outside 3.) the comfiness of my computer chair — which is currently might be called a salvaged church bench and 4.) the amount of social output — i went from having no one around me for two hours to having 6 volunteers within a 15 minute range.

all of these factors equate into little writing. and having a lot to say in one post. but i don’t want to do the typical backpedaling so i’ll attempt to keep it short with photos and tankas (a japanese form of poetry which is basically a haiku  with an extra bit on the end 5-7-5-7-7, for slightly wordy people like me).  these might not be anything i want to show my creative writing professors and i promise if i ever write a book i’ll elaborate more. i think that works? yea?

but first some photos of pretty things.

everyone had yards of tulips 

that is only red and yellow ones. no exceptions.



megan came over
after too long apart. we
made up for it with
glamour shots, hall & oates, and
(the good parts of) titanic.


it’s the best we could do without hairspray


saturday beach trip
with megan and my neighbors
turns into seagull
shooting, posing with shotguns,
and men shouting ‘MONTANA!’

i taught my neighbors sasha and dima some yoga : )

next member of the NRA

‘MONTANA!’ and my nervous face

clearly the best rock climbing shoes



some afternoon football


i often forget
i now have friends nearby me
to do things with like
weekend baking, hiking, and
making ‘that’s what she said’ jokes.


the village of fellow nearby pcv kris. it’s purty.

excursion to the stone graves!

and so happy to be there

what we made and what we ate — lemon shortbread


the ninth of may is
victory (from the nazis)
day with a show of
old men, war badges, and some
soviet nostalgia.


making an offering to the eternal flame in melitopol

memorial for people lost in this area of ukraine


a well decorated man


say ‘sssr!’


hand embroidered table runners


being sick away
from home is terrible. though
a weekend in kyiv
for medical and some fun
makes bronchitis worth having.


people watchin in my favorite park : )

this ticket to ‘la traviata’ cost $2.50

kyiv opera house

well worth the ‘splurge’ 


an overnight train
changes maseriti’d streets
of kyiv to the dirt
village roads where babushkas
and goats outnumber the cars.




fertile land


technically there
are still two weeks of school left
but summer is here
in the heads of all students
(not to mention teachers, too).


everyone (including this puppy) just wants to be outside. well….he’s probably homeless…but you get the point.


spring sprang and summer
is fast approaching. all the
brilliant blooms have come
and gone. the temps are rising,
mesh fashion is here again.


now it doesn’t take weeks for clothes to dry outside. especially if they’re mesh.


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