martha stewart-esque manual labor strawberry muffins

if you think sandra lee’s semi-homemade cooking is your idea of gourmet, then this recipe isn’t for you. you can just stop now and make your kwanza cake. but if you like a baking challenge, miss TJ style healthy muffins, have a few cups of fresh strawberries (along with a few hours) you’re willing to sacrifice, then here you go. i found this low-sugar recipe which called for blended oats not flour. i was intrigued. and because i like to pick ‘in over my head’ challenges, i decided to try this without a blender. ukraine style.

if you have a blender, this recipe will probably turn out completely different. but i actually quite enjoyed de-stressing by pulverizing those oats by hand and the denser texture it resulted in. since i eat fresh strawberries by the bucket and have been low on money i had some frozen ones on hand that i used for the batter and felt okay to let go of a few to place on top right before baking. though of course if you don’t go quite so ‘golum’ on your fruit like i do, then by means go all out freshie.

my precious

flour-less strawberry walnut muffins
makes 2 dozen muffins


2 ½ old fashioned oats
1 cup kefir
2 eggs
¾ sugar
1 ½ tsp baking powder
½ tsp soda
1 tsp cinnamon
1 cup walnuts (finely crushed)
1 ½ strawberries (frozen or fresh)
+ additional ½ cup for topping

1.) if using frozen strawberries for the mix, unthaw by running under water. try to squeeze out extra liquid. if using fresh, measure, dice and set aside. preheat oven to 400ºF or 204ºC.

2.) place a small amount of oats on a plate or cutting board and using the side of a mug, grind into smaller bits. it’s okay to channel your inner mexican woman. repeat until all oats are semi-finely crushed. (this is the time consuming part)

i might be ridiculous

3.) add all remaining ingredients (minus berries to top) to the bowl of oats. stir until well combined. the mixture should be rather thick.


4.) pour batter 3/4 full into greased muffin pan or silicon cups. add a few slices of fresh strawberry on-top. bake in oven for 20 minutes.

the fresh slices on top add such flavor

my ‘professional line’ gas oven. i have to throw a match in the bottom and it lights up with a big WHOOOSH!

5.) when done muffins will be slightly brown. be sure to eat right away or freeze half. because of the fresh berries on-top, these don’t have a very long shelf life. though they’re healthy and yummy so that probably won’t be a problem ; )

nom nom nom

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