it’s not you…it’s me: breaking up with domesticity

today i had to open and empty the six jars of applesauce i spent the ENTIRE day canning a while back. i was so proud of my productivity and domestic talent. which apparently i don’t have much of telling by the mold that began to grow. i guess i shouldn’t really be surprised, i didn’t have the right tools and macgyver’d the situation (story of my peace corps life)…but with canning, that’s something that you can’t really do.

i was hoping my time here in ukraine would give me the knowledge of living self-sufficiently so i could live that life back in america too. i pictured myself mastering canning and preserving maybe even having a garden. but really all i’ve been left with is unset grape jelly and moldy applesauce. all poured down the drain along with my domestic dreams.

maybe domesticity isn’t my thing. that is to say i should take the hint i’ve been canned from canning. i certainly don’t feel like trying again in ukraine. for now i’m calling it quits with domesticity…no more failed knitting projects and canning experiments here. it’s time for a break it think.

but stubborn as i am, i shall not give up my dream of growing my own food, opening a pantry to neatly lined jars of preserves, and spreading holiday cheer to the neighbors with jams. not yet. maybe i will for good if my next jars of goods in america go bad too. then i’ll really get the message…it’s not you domesticity, it’s me.

moldy applesauce anyone?

a days work down the drain. literally.

keep the earth below my feet

duck, duck, thank god there’s no goose

we’ll fulfill our dreams and be free


don’t let my fickle flesh go to waste

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