october tenth

i should apologize for the overwhelming amount of village instagram photos i’ve been uploading. but then again i shouldn’t because it’s one of the few things, along with writing, i enjoy and have to entertain myself with here…so you’ll just have to deal ; )

i brought my iphone back to ukraine with me after my summer visit to america. it’s all but useless here except for the camera, photos, and music. which is actually useful on my lengthy walks and not as lengthy runs. i decided to switch up my usual running route, one that despite its low rate of dog attacks, was getting rather boring.

so i headed to the outskirts of my village, there the fields in the setting sun couldn’t be more beautiful. the only downfall to this run is that i tend to get honked at because i am quite a strange sight to see, seemingly running from nowhere to nowhere. the road isn’t bad, there’s a graveled area on the shoulder where i have plenty of room between me and the cars. but the gravel sometimes is rather large rocks and this time it caused me to roll my ankle about 2 miles outside my village. great.

rolling my ankle really isn’t a big deal. i’m the girl that sprained both ankles in one high school badminton match an had to be carried out like jesus post-crucifixion. ankle injuries are nothing new to me. it didn’t hurt terribly and i had to get back somehow, so i jogged my way back being careful of my footing and hoping my theory of  ‘jog it off’ would work.

and it seemed to work since i made it back just fine with no swelling, but it certainly made me question what i’ve gotten myself into. my marathon is in april which has me running the long distances in the winter. something i knew of  when i signed up (and partially the reason why i signed up).

it’ll be a challenge to find a running route that doesn’t take me out too too far into nowhere land (even though that’s where i prefer to run), that if something should happen i can find a way back, not to mention the challenge in motivating myself to run the increasing miles with decreasing temperatures. as my pcv friend megan likes to say ‘you like making everything harder for yourself’. maybe there’s some truth in this statement after all.

afternoon run

afternoon delight

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