winter is coming the geese are getting fat

i literally couldn’t get out of bed this morning. maybe it was the 5 blankets i had weighing me down, or the lack of sunshine, or the fact that it’s getting colder. all which mean one thing: winter is coming (cue scary music).

ukraine really doesn’t have seasons. it’s either hot or cold, with little time of anything in between. two days ago it was warm enough to walk to school in a short sleeved blouse with jacket in hand, but yesterday the winds changed, the temperatures dropped, and that tell tale winter howling began again. i was hoping it was only my last village that the cold wind could whip over the flat land making the most eerie death eater noise, but alas it followed me here.

it’s probably time to switch out my summer wardrobe with my winter one. but i’m not ready for that mentally yet. even though i’ve had to climb up to the top of my clothes cabinet the past few days to reach my winter clothes. i’m not ready for winter. especially not in this house. my last living situation was quite luxurious in the way that i had new windows, rather steady heating, and a hot shower. it’s no wonder why the mice wanted to share it with me.

but at my new house, as i’ve said before it’s an old drafty bit of a hobbit house. the lack of insulation still surprises me when i realize i can hear (with my windows shut) my neighbors yelling at their kids, dishes being put away, and even someone farting. no joke. i really try not to giggle afterwards, because, well if i can hear that then they can hear me.

it’s only october, not even the middle of october, and my house is already turning into an icebox. i don’t have any form of heating right now (other than my snuggie, tea, wool socks, and dancing). i was told when it was shut off in the spring that it would be back on in october, but i’m hoping that won’t be long.

every time i complain to myself about how cold it is inside, the way i curl up in bed under my mound of blankets and never want to leave again, the way my personal hygiene and convictions about showering have drastically changed (yours would too if it involved standing in a cold room pouring a bucket over your head), i think…what will i do come december…january…february???

as a girl of the midwest, i never thought of winters as very daunting. even ones here. before i though ‘eh, it’ll be no different’. but never in my life have i spent so much time worrying about how to try and keep warm, had serious brush with hypothermia, and wonder how i’ll manage. of course i know i’ll manage, the past two volunteers that lived here did (not to mention all the pcvs from cali), and people in much worse situations do, i’ll survive somehow…even if it means a toe or two as casualties…which hopefully it won’t.

after a few self-slaps to the face, i eventually got out of bed, and treated myself to a cup of startbucks instant coffee, which i ration like wartime food. i was sad when the cup was empty, but my spirits seemed lifted and my fears for winter subsided (for now). oh, caffeine is a wonderful thing.

today was supposed to be day 3 of my world map project, but alas, the wall STILL hasn’t been prepped so it’s been pushed back another day. if only everyone could just STICK TO THE SCHEDULE. i can only laugh at myself for even writing one in the first place. it’s ukraine. and ukraine, like the honey badger, don’t give a shit.

so now we’re even more behind. which means i can’t leave tomorrow for a weekend of curling (yes, the sport) in kyiv. which means i’ll probably spend my weekend trying to catch up on the map. that and practicing calligraphy and organizing my font collection. super exciting. it’s really no wonder dates aren’t knocking down my door.

but because there was no painting today, i was able to have english club with my youngest kids. another teacher asked if i could fill in for a 10th form class, but i knew they would be crushed if i canceled it since they ask me everyday when it will be and if they come. i had absolutely nothing prepared today because i figured i’d be painting, but quickly came up with songs to sing…which really was mostly them asking me to sing by myself and then gleefully applauding. they’re like my little self-esteem cheerleading group i wish i could always keep with me in my pocket.

so while the day started off quite dreadfully (but improved quite quickly after coffee) and encountered more set backs with the map, having my students tell me ‘us really like your club english’ and being excited for the halloween party that’s still two weeks away, certainly helped to end things positively. maybe so much so that i can tackle changing out my wardrobe today without fear and dread…no…on second thought probably not.

i clearly learn them english good



2 thoughts on “winter is coming the geese are getting fat

  1. Man I feel for u with this winter weather coming up. 😦 …That’s why I’m going to send u a nice warm scarf I knitted. 🙂

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