world map progress // п’ятий день

i think i was rather foolish in estimating how much time it would take to finish our world map. i figured few hours every day after school for two weeks and it’d be done. but we’re on our fifth day of work, another 6 hour day standing on a ladder painting, and we still have a lot to do. my site mate laura reassured me that we’d get there….eventually.

i had an early start to the day heading to the bazaar to buy some more paint. the man was surprised to see me back already. i told him he’d probably see me a few more times at the rate paint is disappearing. hopefully him and his good looking son.

so paint in hand i started working to finish the oceans. my helpers had a few classes they couldn’t miss so it was just me for quite a while. which was fine since it was such nice weather. one of the maintenance men was bothered at the fact that i was alone working. i told him i didn’t mind. he stood there, leaning against my ladder watching me paint, filling the world with water.

a little while later he decided i needed a piece of wood to put between the ladder to make a platform to stand on. i said he really needn’t bother, but he seemed to really want to. he ran off and came back with a minisule piece of board that almost made me laugh. it wasn’t what i thought he would bring. i told him that it wouldn’t work, it was barely long enough to reach both sides of the A framed ladder. he said ‘ohhh okay okay i understand’ so he left and came back with another one that was maybe 2 inches longer. if that.

i had my doubts this would work but i thought i’d try. as i stood there on the top of the ladder, he began pushing the two sides together so the board would make a better fit. i yelled at him ‘stop! stop touching it’ as i tried to keep my balance on the top. thankfully i didn’t fall. i could only laugh at the situation and realize that this man is a nuts.

he went away for a little while (thank god i thought) but came back to ask if i wanted ice cream. i said no thanks but he insisted he buy me some anyways. he came back ice cream in hand and demanded i get off the ladder for a break. i certainly needed one, so i got down and went to clean my hands. he wanted to clean my hands for me with cloth and sunflower oil (their version of vegetable oil), which already made me uncomfortable, but when he was all finished still holding my hand he put an arm around me and kissed me on the cheek. geeeeee thanks.

while that certianly crossed my personal space bubble, i thought, probably stupidly at that, ehhhh he just thinks of me like a daughter? he’s just being nice. but i questioned his motives of niceness when i had to ask for a screwdriver to open the paint and he again kissed my cheek, put his arm around me, pulled me in a little too close. i moved away this time, not feeling okay about it, and realized that yeah, i don’t think he thinks of you as a daughter. just like that man in donetsk didn’t.

i’m upset with myself for letting things like that happen. to seemingly just let them do it and not say anything like ‘hey buddy, that’s not okay’. but i hate to think of every act of kindess from men as creeper actions. and it usually turns from okay to not okay really fast. i’m often too worried about being polite and not rude, but i have to realize that if i’m uncomfortable, none of that should matter at all.

once the boys came to help the maintenance man mostly went away. i think tomorrow the boys, not i, will deal with him personally. i don’t really want anymore ice cream if it means getting kissed on the cheek. it’s been more than a few months since i’ve been kissed so needless to say i was disturbed that this time it was by a gold toothed older ukrainian man with alcohol breath. if only it could have been the hot painter’s son.

we worked for what seemed like forever, but standing back it felt like we didn’t get much done. painting the countries will take time and diligence. if only we were painting pangea. my ‘russia forever!’ 11th former came out to comment on the size of russia again. he asked what color it should be, knowing he’d want it to be red, i was satisfied to say it would be yellow. he was not okay with this.

when it came time to paint the USA nakita helped finish off what i started. the weather had warmed up so he took his sweatshirt off revealing a red ‘CCCP’ shirt (USSR) underneath. i couldn’t help but find irony in my soviet shirt wearing student painting the USA soviet color red.

sasha hard at work finishing up some blue

rustem trying to be cool

work work work

sasha and artem were super excited for the photo

oh and this also happened today:

reaching the bottom of your peanut butter jar is never a good thing : (

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