world map progress // шостий день

it’s not just americans that seemingly don’t know their geography very well. even at this stage of the map (with most of the continents painted) a few of my 5th form students asked if i was painting a map of great britain, where they still believe i’m from….ummmmm no. i tried not to laugh because they weren’t trying to be funny. but really…i’m not sure what maps of great britain they’ve seen…or why most of them still think america and britain are the same thing. maybe this is the map’s purpose. now i can point out exactly where i’m from. not to mention the giant ocean that divides the usa from britain.

i worked on the ‘map of great britain’ mostly by myself today. three of my helpers had to travel to another school for something and the other had to take a written test all day. or something like that. so that left me. i worked for 6 hours, only leaving the ladder a few times. this is usually how my art work ethic goes. i start and then i don’t stop till i’m done. i’ll forget to eat or drink water, or even stop for a bathroom break because i’m too involved…sometimes it’s a bad thing to have. and it’s not that this is particularly ‘creative’ work, but somehow anything artsy puts me into an efficiently working robo trance. so i didn’t really mind i was on my own. sure it made the work a lot slower, but i did my best to make progress. and tired to force myself to take a 5 minute break.

it was beautiful fall weather again. every now and then a leaf would float by me on the top rungs of the ladder, i’d hear children repeating their teacher through the open windows, and in the distance the rhythmic deep thud of women beating their rugs outside imitated soft heart mummers. the bright sun that shined on me my left side all day left my one side slightly sun burned and the paint fumes left me slightly poetic.

when i didn’t think i could use my arm muscles a minute longer and the temperatures began to drop as the sun set, a few boys came to help. they stayed even though everyone else had long gone school. together we finished canada and left russia with probably the most color it has ever seen. at the end of the day, it was nice not to finish alone. it was a rather lonely day of work but it was nice to have jokester boys to end it with. together. the usa and ukraine are done and painted on the map. both as the same color…i thought that was a nice coincidence.

4 thoughts on “world map progress // шостий день

  1. You are making great progress! I like the fact that Ukraine and USA are the same color. Do you think about Michelangelo painting the Sistine Chapel while you’re working?

  2. Hi Kristen—- What a huge project you took on. You and your students have done a spectacular job. Will be anxious to see the finished picture.
    Lv, Aunt Carolyn

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