october nineteenth

there was a 50% chance of rain today. a coin toss as to whether the weather would cooperate with our map painting. we’ve really lucked out so far. but today, it chose to rain. nothing heavy, though even a slight drizzle makes painting outdoors impossible. so i guess i got my day off after-all.

it’s not exactly what i wanted, i figured we could finish all the colors today and finish by tomorrow, but i think it’s maybe what i needed. i’ve come down with a cold (i swear i’m sick more than i am healthy here) and i’m starting to really feel it. i’ve pushed myself quite a bit lately and it sort of feels like it’s all catching up with me now. but i guess there’s no better day than today when it’s dark and rainy out and not much else can be done except nurse my aches with cups o’ tea and work on my ‘to read’ stack.

i didn’t make it to school today, it’s quite a long walk, and even longer when you don’t feel well. and while i don’t have any classes on fridays (best schedule ever), i wanted to meet up with me map helpers and ask (beg) if they could come on saturday. without spreading the news, i’m not sure what the weekend will hold. if it will be feverish snotty self and all working alone? or maybe i can somehow send brainwaves to them in hopes that they’ll show up tomorrow on their own accord? i hope for the latter.

i don’t always t-bag it, but when i do it’s egyptian licorice yogi tea sent from my best friend.

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