world map progress // сьомий день

since yesterday was spent mostly lounging around knitting and streamlining some tv series i’m too embarrassed to name, it was good to feel productive today. i feel almost back to normal from my cold/whatever. the weather was a bit windy but the sun was shining and my motivation was soaring so i carpe diem’d the day and made quite a bit of progress on the map.

well…i didn’t finish all the colors like i thought i might…the sun began to set and it was getting quite cold. not to mention the wind kept bullying my paining hand in directions i didn’t want it to go. but i at least got a few more colors finished. i’m kind of in love with the fact that china is a hello kitty pink…even though hello kitty is really japanese. and the ‘mint green’ is too similar in intensity as the ocean, (if you squint your eyes you’ll see it disappears [it also disappears when you close your eyes all the way] my color theory prof would shake his head at me) but whatever, it’ll be visible when it’s outlined. and i’m probably the only color theory nerd that would notice anyways.

but i see a light at the end of the tunnel! there is hope! the world is coming together and i think it will only be a few more days till we’re finished. after we finish this list…

things left to do on the world map:

  • paint the blue and orange countries
  • double check for missing countries/sloppy borders
  • touch up countries and ocean
  • reconstruct all the islands that got wiped out in our tsunami of blue paint
  • draw boders with black marker
  • label countries and bodies of water
  • paint ukrainian flag and peace corps logo
  • leave handprints and names of the helpers
  • celebrate with cake

school yard cat nap

getting there!

this is the second building at school. most of the little kids have their classes here.

the school toilets (there are two toilets indoors but they’re often locked. so everyone uses these beauties)

my apologies for the TMI. but i actually consider this a fairly decent toilet. i’ve seen much much much worse.

aaaaand now for something prettier – the remains of the ukrainian crest made out of dried flowers

One thought on “world map progress // сьомий день

  1. wow! I’m so impressed at your progress! Thanks for posting the photo of the building where you’re painting the mural, it gives you more of an idea as to the scale of the map. It is huge!

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