world map progress // восьмой день

i debated even counting this day as map progress. while i did work on the map and almost have it finished, at the end of the day i’m fairly certain that i’m ironically a few steps further than i was yesterday.

it all started with the discovery that my map helpers will not be returning since they have some type of paper/contest/theme paper that i don’t really understand and wouldn’t even know how to exactly translate. point in fact: it’s going to be me finishing the map. am i disappointed? yes. a little distraught? slightly.  but i know if anyone can finish it it’s me i guess.

i was sort of dreading having to finish alone, there’s still a bit left. so when a student of mine came and asked if she could help (begging really) i couldn’t turn down the help. i could tell she enjoyed helping. and i enjoyed her company and conversation…except there’s one thing…she can’t paint. like at all. i KNOW i can be rather particular, but really i’ve let it go for the most part on this project.

it’s not that she was a little off with her lines, no, it was much worse. i was terrified to see what she had been painting. multiple countries that i JUST finished painting were now splattered with paint, whole countries looked like they were in a drunken drug haze. it was a mess.

in my head i was FREAKING OUT. i couldn’t help making a mental tally of all the areas and countries i’d now have to go back and fix. the amount was staggering. since she was enjoying it so, and since i couldn’t possibly have told her ‘heeeeey yea you’re actually making a lot more work for me…’, i was thankful that i had the excuse to end the day slightly early to get ready for the halloween party i’m throwing tomorrow.

i was glad that sort of prevented any more damage from being done. i’m kind of hoping she can’t help tomorrow. eeeeeeh i feel guilty in saying that, bad teacher…but really…painting isn’t her strong suit.

so the rest of my day i spent trying not to think of the world map and planned/baked for my english club halloween party. it’s nothing big. just for some 5th and 6th formers after school. i told them to come in costume and bring a pre-decorated pumpkin (so i don’t have to be responsible for kids with knives).

of course i’ll participate too. i made my jack-o-lantern at 9:30 at night while dancing (knife in hand) to appropriate halloween music. fairly certain my host family/landpeople think i’m nuts. i’m still slightly unsure about my costume. but it’ll probably be something really lame like a cat because all my ideas are ones the kids wouldn’t get. like baberham lincoln. or an 80s workout video dancer (they wouldn’t find that fashion ironic, just normal) so most likely cat it is.

boring costume aside, i’m really looking forward to it. these kids get so excited about anything i do. and since they don’t celebrate halloween in ukraine, i can’t wait to share its AWESOMENESS. i’ve got some fun things planned, hopefully it all goes well. well, anything with cookies and candy can’t really go wrong.

don’t judge the map today…it’s seen better days….

the beginning of halloween cookies. OR CHARLES BARKLEY PHOENIX SUN COOKIES!

not bad for just using a giant knife!

some of the decorations. i call that pumpkin the ‘chris farley pumkin’

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