october twenty-fourth

mickey is angry cause someone can’t spell

wanted posters in all the buses and stores. i really hope he’s ‘jean valjean/aladin’ guilty of stealing a loaf of bread like it looks him to be.

on my superstore raid i came across what thought to be flax seeds. turns out i was right!! now only if i had a coffee grinder…

many americans in ukraine miss food back home. there’s nothing greater than having your choice of whichever ethnic food you feel like for the night. it’s always a torturous event when pcvs get together and reminisce about what foods they miss. number 1 is always mexican food. peanut butter is usually up there. along with certain cheeses and crackers.

my list is kind of weird. besides a ravenous craving for maple syrup right now, it’s usually things like tofu, broccoli, veggie stir fry, greek yogurt, sprouts, whole grain anything, flaxseeds, veggie burgers, amongst other things. weird healthy things. i know i don’t eat the healthiest here. not compared to how i ate in the states, i was very easy to eat consciously mainly because i had such options available to me. i try to do my best here. usually dinners include some veggies sautéed with a grain of some sort. but i’ve used bread to fill the gaps that i’m missing cause it’s always fresh and cheap (i promise i pay for it, unlike mr. wanted bread stealer man).

here the food is fresh, local, and in-season veggies are as cheap as the dirt that still clings to them. i absolutely love that (not the dirt, but the veggies). for part of the year there’s a bounty of fresh veggies at hand. and i try to take advantage of it before the endless days of winter root veggies.

i’ve made a conscious effort to shop locally, either at the bazaar from the farmers, or within my village. but after finding a few things (like geek yogurt, REAL tofu, and flax seeds) that brought me back to my uber health days of past in the city grocery stores, i might just have to let my social conscious slide on this one. just a little. and i say just a little not out of self-preservation, i mean i literally can not afford tofu once a week and greek yogurt every morning on my stipend.

but only 6 more months in the land of bread, potatoes, oil, and straight pig fat. and then tofu can be mine again. i’m fairly certain much of my time when i arrive back home will be spent in the aisles of trader joes and whole foods, eyes filled with tears of joy.

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