november eighth

i had my doubts that today would be a good day before i even left my bed. for the past few nights some wild creature has kept me up digging and gnawing at something somewhere. not to mention flies incessantly landing on me as i try to slumber. my kitchen has now been invaded by house flies that have no problem fornicating all over the place in my presence. i swear if it’s not chernobyl-sized rabid mice, it’s house flies, if it’s not house flies it’s fruit flies, if it’s not fruit flies it’s slugs, if it’s not slugs it’s toads.

by the list of pest problems i’ve had you’d probably assume i’m about as clean as the frat house boys that lived across the street from me in college. but honestly, there’s no couch on my roof, solo cups in the front yard, or someone passed out in the hedges. i’d put mr. clean to shame with my cleanliness. so i know it’s not me (even if i don’t shower every day).

i just don’t know where they’re all coming from and it’s driving me insane. a towel in the hole of my wall solved the toad & slug problem but flies are coming from somewhere that can’t be seen. i’ve tried home remedies (just like i did the fruit flies) and bought the entire stock of fly tape from my village store. only, the string to unravel it from broke on every. single. one. ugh, ukraine!

i didn’t want to give up that easily though so i spent the afternoon yesterday duct taping every thing i could, thinking i could smoke them out that way. but rather i think there are just as many of them still doing the nasty on my radiator. how rude. i have to get rid of them (and the chernobyl-sized rabid mouse) before company comes for thanksgiving. but so far the tally is flies 10, kristen 0.

surprisingly though, despite the pestering of pests (not to mention a weird dream that involved an awkward bathroom situation of dropping a used tampon that mortifyingly rolled over to the next stall. terrifying i know! not sure how to interpret that one…), today wasn’t bad at all. i worked on the world map project some more and finished all the blue…again! and answered some questions from my younger students about where santa lived on the map. now i only have a little bit of white to re-do and i can start drawing the country boarders tomorrow. i didn’t take any photos of it today since it really wouldn’t have looked any different in the photo. but progress has been made! …unlike my pest removal situation.

and to think i almost skipped this run

my host family’s dog thinks he’s a show dog

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