please help out my dear pcv friend

friends, family, followers, visitors:

while i am not writing a grant during my time here in ukraine, i can at least help promote my friend’s peace corps grant!!  my friend, hayley, is trying to raise funds for english resources at her school.

“Students and teachers at the school have very limited access to any English resources and have to rely on out-of-date textbooks with grammatical errors, uninteresting topics and outdated data. Although our school is fortunate to have four extremely motivated English teachers, they are extremely limited in what tools they have available to educate and motivate students to learn English. For these reasons, we would like to create an English Resource Center for the benefit of the students and teachers.

The Center will provide our English teachers and students with the resources needed to adequately teach and learn English. We plan on purchasing textbooks for the first through eighth grade classes, a laptop, speakers, projector, and a projection screen. These materials will enable the teachers to prepare updated lesson plans, provide limitless techniques and tools and encourage the interactive participation of the students. The updated textbooks will help increase the English levels of the students as well as their interest in English. These resources will give the students a chance at a better and brighter future that for many of them seems like a distant and unattainable dream. The textbooks and the resource center will help make these dreams a reality.”

having a stock pile of good resources is invaluable. i was fortunate enough to arrive at a school that received a very similar grant to this from their first volunteer. good textbooks and dictionaries aid tremendously in class learning. not only making lessons easier for the teachers but more interesting ofr the students.

donations are tax refundable and 100% of the proceeds go to the community project. any donation amount is appreciated.

to donate to this project please go to the following website:

for more information about hayley and her grant please read:

hayley, the students, teachers, and myself are grateful for your help : )

the old, outdated textbooks

my friend hayley and her students

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