world map progress // дванадцятий день

despite the great mood that i’m in right now, today wasn’t exactly pleasant…well like most days it was and it wasn’t. really i think it was more physically unpleasant than overall unpleasant.

the unpleasant:

worked on the map all day and froze my buns off. it’s really cold out and despite being bundled up, my hands felt like pins and needles, and i’m still gaining feeling back in my toes. at times i wasn’t even sure if i was just going to lose all grasp of the brush. i had to run into the school for a few minutes every now and then and hold my hands on the radiators. yea, not pleasant at all. painful in fact. all the custodian ladies told me i was nuts and just needed to wait and finish it in spring. i knew i was nuts, but i’ve GOT TO FINISH THIS THING. i’ve been working on it for so long. plus, the paints would surely be petrified if i waited till then.

i tried to be super careful with the paints today since i was wearing my ‘not made for painting’ parka. but alas, i got a little on it. i wasn’t super worried. i got paint on my black fall coat but black sharpie fixes everything. this time i tried solvent to take it out. and it worked. but my god, it reeks now. i really hope no one lights up around me cause i’ll undoubtedly go up in flames.

the pleasant:

the PAINTING IS FINISHED!!!! YES. ‘all’ i have left to do is write ‘peace corps’ on the logo, label some of the upper countries, get the students to sign their hand prints, and apply a layer of varnish. all this before it hits freezing. which is SOON.

when i decided to call it a day i treated myself to some instant coffee at the near by store. hot beverages are the best way to warm up. coffee in-hand i walked to the other store to get produce for the thanksgiving feast i’m hosting this weekend. for a moment when i walked in, i had a flashback to the cold winter days in my hometown and the frequent stops to starbucks i would make to keep warm when shopping. while my ‘nescafe instant’ in a flimsy miniature plastic cup was certainly no starbucks, just the reminder of home was pleasant enough.

my host family’s son vlad knocked on my door when i got home and handed me a padded envelope from my cousin. hands still somewhat frozen i tore open the package and found a homemade scarf. i immediately wrapped it around my neck and felt warmth and love. now i sit here writing this while sipping a hot cup of adagio’s chestnut tea, new scarf around my neck, attempting to melt my icicle feet on my portable heater, and letting the brutality i keep putting myself  through with that darn map be outweighed by the sentimental pleasantry of today.

most of the time i wish i just painted this doodle of mine on the wall instead. pangea is much simpler.

BUT it’s.almost.done.

these weird berry things at school are pretty.

this puppy followed me for a while. he’s cute.

came home to a surprise of a beautiful scarf knit by my cousin in san diego!

here’s to being an eskimo turtle for the next 3.5 months!

6 thoughts on “world map progress // дванадцятий день

  1. YAY!!! You are almost done and it’s beautiful! It may seem like it took you a long time to complete, but I think for those of us reading about your progress, it was amazingly fast. Perfect timing for Coral’s beautiful scarf to arrive! You make a very cute Eskimo!

  2. Oh my gosh, your map is BEAUTIFUL! It was definitely worth all the frozen fingers 🙂 I’m going to start one in my school in December and I hope it turns out half as good as yours. My favorite part of yours is the all white Antartica, haha

    Did you keep the puppy?

    • katherine! thanks for the comment and the compliment!! which color to paint antartica was quite the talk at school. everyone agreed it should be white. but then i thought ‘i’m pretty sure america isn’t actually red’ but in the end i had a lot of white. so they won. haha. and no, no puppy. i’ll have to wait till i get back home for that ; )

  3. Wow, your map is amazing, especially since it was painted in freezing weather! Have a fun Thanksgiving celebration is weekend. I am so thankful Megan has you for a friend, I love reading your blog and your photos are great! we wil be thinking of you all and try to Skype on the weekend.

    • mrs. cunha thanks so much for the wonderful comment!! i’m so glad to know you’re reading. i’m so looking forward to thanksgiving! we’ll definitely all have to skype you this weekend. take care! : )

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