world map progress // тринадцятий день

i was thrilled that painting was not on the agenda for the map today. but i got to school only to find that some kid scratched a bad russian word in the fresh paint from yesterday. and then smeared the extra from their hand on antartica. just lovely. i’m actually surprised something like that didn’t happened before. if only this kid decided to do it when i hadn’t JUST finished with the paint. but i guess i’ll have to get the paint out again (whatever isn’t dried or frozen) since i noticed belgium was missing. oops, noooot sure how that happened. i probably wouldn’t really care if it wasn’t for my love of waffels. so a few steps back today, but getting there getting there.

it was cold again but not as cold as yesterday. i was really excited to finished the peace corps since the bottom half that i painted looked pretty good…but i don’t know what happened today. i finished it only to step back and question if i had just drawn that intoxicated or not. i’m blaming it on the cold. like my attention to detail, my markers were slacking on the job in the cold temperatures. they’d freeze up just after a few minutes of use or so. i had to juggle 5 different markers at once, rotating them between the warmth of my pocket to forced labor in the chilly air.

once again after being outside for so long, my body was telling me it was time to call it quits and seek shelter. just as i was about to leave i noticed the presence of one of my 2nd graders, whom i secretly call ‘young hermione doppleganger’. she has stood and watched me paint before, waiting for her mom to pick her up. so today we chatted a bit about this and that. she asked about myself and my family, if i had any nieces or nephews because she really loves little babies. and kitties and puppies. ‘really,’ she said, ‘i love everything!’. she’s adorable. and was good at distracting my mind from the cold.

two of her gal pals came out to gander at the map. when i told them i was about to leave they said they’d stand guard and protect it. they proceeded to march back and forth infront of the map (which they’re pretty good at since marching is actually practiced in school). they gave me quite a laugh. kids are the best….just not the ones that vandalize your project.

the keepers of the map

end of day thirteen

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