world map completion // останній день!

IT IS FINISHED. of course i can’t help but think this in my best 1950’s old testament movie voice over. but really, it’s done, it’s over, the world can keep spinning now!!! there were quite a few times when i thought i’d never get to this point, but today i put on the last layer of lac, cleaned up the dried paint cans, and called it a day. for good.

i couldn’t get a photo today of the students that helped me since some weren’t at school. but hopefully i can round them up tomorrow or sometime this week. i’ll be sure to include their photo here along with a slideshow of the process. cause i know you really can’t wait to see another post about my map!

but for now, no more map talk. it’s dooooone!!!! i feel like i need a drink to celebrate. but then i’d just be drinking alone…which would only make me sad. so instead i’ll just PG it up and roast some left-over american marshmallows over my gas stove for s’mores and attempt not to catch fire in the process.

there’s no lack of lak!

because of some holes in the brick, lesotho kind of has two pig nostrils

great success!!!

i watched in horror as my second formers put their nearly-the-same-sized-hands up to my handprint. *small hands*

i had to ask a short little kid to take this photo, he was pretty nervous.

now enjoy the various angles

view from a bench at school

peeping out from the main building hallway to see the map. it looks great!!

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