november twenty-eighth

i’m pretty sure the whole point of running is not to eat more than your fair share of dessert. or is it? either way i don’t care today. i just spend the past 4 hours trying to write a more serious post about funerals and death in ukraine. um, no wonder i felt sad as i looked for comfort in my bit of dark chocolate. so i decided to say ‘хватит! enough!’ and look for a way to add more cheer to the end to my day that began with a funeral at the neighbor’s house…which i’ll get around to writing about…eventually.

in other news, my counterpart left school to take care of her sick son. which is fine, except she didn’t tell me so i had 25 second graders eagerly looking at me as i stood at the front of the classroom. the class didn’t go as terribly as it could have. which means no one (me) ended up jumping out any windows. but i must say thank god for my language skills! i wouldn’t have been able to get through that class, or anything class really, without my ukrainian/russian. though i don’t think the 2nd grade boy who decided to use a very very very bad russian word much appreciated my language skills. that ‘dirty russian’ book has really come in handy time and time again.

bird(s) on a wire

groomed cherry trees in the orchards surrounding my village

baby apple orchard

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