november twenty-ninth

since i can’t sleep i’ve decided to be ‘productive’ and make a late night post. and by late i mean 10:30 pm. because that’s how old lady i’ve become. anyways, i’m not here to write about my old lady habits now. that’s for another time and plus you’ve probably heard enough about them as it is.

today was pretty bleh. well really the past week has felt that way (even despite my monumental accomplishment of finishing that map). i think i was just on such a high (a natural one i promise) from being with good friends over the thanksgiving weekend. and the boring isolated blahness of the work week just gets to me sometimes. i think it would start to get to anyone when they have to stay in their house after 3:30 pm because it’s pitch black outside and the village has no street lights (okay, so there’s one). but i shouldn’t be such a debbie downer since the week hasn’t all that bad, i mean i got to teach an abba song to my students and just made some kick-ass soup and soda bread tonight, so nothing can really be that terrible.

i found out this week that my school will be having ‘foreign language week’ in late december. the kids are all practicing a few christmas songs and a few other english language songs. my counterpart actually picked out the abba song ‘money’ (i think ukraine’s undying love for abba is one of my favorite things) and i tried teaching it to my 6th grade class today. they were doing well but i felt pretty weird instructing them to sing about how wonderful their life would be if they found themselves a wealthy man. but then again they don’t really understand the words so what’s the harm, right?

the 4th graders have been learning ‘we wish you a merry christmas’. but it’s a version i’ve never heard before with about 5 stanzas of simply chanting ‘we like figgy pudding’. they kind of giggled when i didn’t know the song but i refrained myself from a 4th grader response of ‘umm well you’re not singing it right, ha!’. like most things in peace corps, i just went with it. and we had fun singing it anyways, weird overly figgy pudding’d version and all. towards the 11th time rehearsing it they began to realize my name sounds similar to christmas so i’ve now been deemed ‘miss christmas!!’. i’ve been called a lot of other names before: k, kristina, kristine, kri kri, fartman. but since coming to ukraine, i’ve been addressed numerous times by ukrainians as ‘christmas’…though mostly on accident.

i guess i just feel like can’t live up to the name of ‘miss christmas’. that’s a pretty hefty title. but then again with my early onset of cabin fever, grandma bedtimes, and kitting habits, i wouldn’t be surprised if my hair begins to turn grey and i find myself lusting after a big bellied man in red after all.

my original housing assignment. just kidding. it’s just an abandoned house i kind of adore.

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