december twenty-second

there’s something so wonderful about running on fresh snow…granted there’s not too much of it to make your socks wet. my mind was set on not running today. ohhhh darn i can’t find my warm socks, oh i should really drink this cup of coffee, maybe i should read up on the news instead. excuses, excuses. but somehow i found myself lacing up for a run. i think deep down i knew i had to go for my sanity.  today was the first day it hasn’t been painfully windy in about 3 weeks. i don’t mind running in the cold, just not the wind and the cold. and well, living in the steppe of ukraine, the land that seems to have been stepped on by god’s flat foot, winter is just that — wind and cold.

it’s been pretty unbearable. every day my half hour walk home from school, complete with leggings, fleece lined pants (ukraine’s best invention), and a knee length parka STILL left my legs chapped and red. that’s just how windy and cold it has been. i’d thaw my legs for an hour, contemplate trying to go outside for a run in the wind, but really, there was no way my body was going to let that happen. no, no, no.

so my running hasn’t been that great the past 2 weeks. school has kept me busy from sun up till sun down (which sounds like a lot but really there’s not much sunlight here) and the weather has been legit frightening. it does worry me in terms of keeping on my training schedule and being prepared for the race in april. buuuut i think what worries me more is that there are still 2 more months of this. oh joy. here’s to hoping that every run is as just-the-right-amount-of-snowy, peaceful, windless, and enjoyable as today.


on the way out


yak-tracks, dorky socks, dirty shoes

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