guess what’s living in kristen’s kitchen!

it’s time to play everyone’s favorite game…guess what’s living in kristen’s kitchen!!

as you may know, my ‘not so well sealed’ hobbit house has granted me all sorts of visitors — some slugs, some toads, some mice, some flies, some ants, lots of spiders. it’s been great getting to learn more about each creature. i’ve come to know what toad turds look like, the type of shiny trails slugs leave on your black shoes, and that mice love to eat sponges. i’m fairly certain i could have my own mini-national geographic show here if i wanted.

lately some new creature has moved-in and seems to be making itself at home. the little presents left for me on my counters are undeniably from a mouse. but when entering my kitchen i’ve heard the strangest rustling and even hissing. what in the world?! this leads me to believe only one logical thing — it’s a catmouse.

i don’t know how it’s possible, but whatever is in there is certainly stranger than a mouse. i’ve been fooled before from strange noises and cat sized turds but that time it just turned out to be a toad. in my kitchen. so really, nothing is impossible.

i’d now like to give you the chance to vote and voice your opinion as to what exactly is living in my kitchen.

2 thoughts on “guess what’s living in kristen’s kitchen!

    • looks like we’ve got:

      chernobyl mouse — 50%
      other — 21%*
      mouse capable of cat impressions — 17%
      catmouse — 8%
      mold — 1%
      surprisingly no cabin fever votes!

      write-in answers:
      it’s just rabies
      two votes for ‘cockamouse’ from how i met your mother
      chernobyl catmouse

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