january twenty-third

with the recent warm temperatures, my walk to school has become more like wading/mud sliding to school. the streets are so terrible. but also kind of beautiful and fun to squish around in. having nice clean shoes here is a big deal. like a really big deal. but i gave up wearing my nice boots on my one hour walk to and from school and have just stuck with my timberlands. yea, i teach in my timberlands.

at first i cared, i worried, what everyone in this culture of shoe-carers would say. but then i thought ‘eh, whatever’. maybe i’m at the point in my service where i’m not too worried about what the village babushka’s think. surprisingly, no one at school has said anything about my unattractive and unfeminine boots. teachers and kids don’t seem to care. (or maybe they do but they don’t say it to my face).

but maybe i’m teaching them something other than new vocabulary as i stand up in the front of the room, leaving a trail of dried dirt bits, maybe i’m teaching them that dirty shoes are really not the end of the world (you’ll still go on living!) and maybe they will even come join me in my clomping/sliding/squishing way of walking on these things they call ‘roads’.


where one road ends, a lake begins


the ‘quick help’ truck. aka the ambulance. aka a truck with a stretcher and that’s it.


the reason why my power keeps going out


excitement on my street. i haven’t seen any workers in ukraine wear hard hats before. impressive!


i guess this means i need to shower now


5 thoughts on “january twenty-third

  1. I love your blog šŸ™‚ I used to live in Ukraine (1994-1999) and as I read your blogs and look at the photos, I reminisce about the “hardships” we endured there ~ although, I don’t think we had it quite as rough as you because we lived in Kyiv! Although, this has been a challenging time for you, experiencing first hand that not everyone in this world is blessed to live as we do is a valuable lesson you will retain all your life. šŸ™‚ I am certainly grateful for the five years I had in Ukraine, although I didn’t appreciate it at the time! By the way, I know of your blog through your mom who is my dental hygienist – (10 years now) Wonderful lady she is šŸ™‚

    • thanks so much for reading and commenting donna!! it’s great to hear from someone else who has lived in ukraine! this experience has definitely made me so appreciative of the things i have. perspective is everything! : )

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