what to do when you have cabin fever

so i think i’m starting to get ‘cabin fever’. no, i have it. and i’m fairly certain that my students do too — we’re all a bit crazy around this time of year.

personally i can’t take another day of cold grey clouds, bleeeeeeeeh. i know spring is coming…eventually, but it just can’t get here fast enough. i don’t even really remember what a sunny day looks or feels like. even though some snow continues to drift down from the low-hanging greyness above, it doesn’t last long so it’s pretty pointless. it’s just ugly and grey and cold. and no i’m not whining…fine, maybe i am.

but for those of you who might also be living alone in a ukrainian village and trying to get through these dreary winter days here are some tips to help you through it:

what to do when you have cabin fever:

1.)   look at photos of green or warm places and wish you were there.

2.)  practice your push-up and plank form. then eat some chocolate.

3.)  challenge yourself to a “how many cups of tea can you drink in a minute” contest.

4.)  contemplate how new zealanders pronounce the word “deck”.

5.)  cook something and narrate your own cooking show!

6.)  dance party for one? yes, please.

7.)  brush-up on your karaoke skills (no one’s judging you…except maybe your neighbors).

8.)  goof around on photobooth and take photos to document your slow transition into crazyville.

9.)  do anything but look up the weather forecast.

9.)  and of course, read this blog.


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5 thoughts on “what to do when you have cabin fever

  1. I wanted to say hi – finally – ! I am a friend of Alma Karas, who I believe is a relation..maybe a cousin? She turned me onto your blog a few months back when you shared a vegan chocolate cake recipe. I’ve enjoyed reading your posts etc. and I make sauerkraut ALL the time in my Harsch crock…you should definitely give it a ‘go’ again…in the future. It’s delicious stuff! 🙂

    • wow!! thank you for reading and commenting! it’s so great to hear from readers! i’m glad you enjoyed the vegan chocolate cake. i see you must do some canning! i’ll definitely have to try canning again when i get home. maybe i’ll have better luck the third time around ; )

      • Haha, if I’m confusing canning with sauerkraut. Either way they’re both great. I’ve only done canning once – it worked out great but I don’t think it’s cost effective unless you’re growing the fruit/veg or get it very cheap/free. 😉

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