february twentieth

i begin every morning with a cup of black-hold-the-sugar-but-add-some-cinnamon coffee, oatmeal with extra cinnamon (can you tell i like cinnamon?), and yoga sun salutations. my friend pointed out that the last one was rather ironic since we haven’t seen the sun in so long, but regardless of the grey outside i devotedly wake up and salute the sun…wherever it is.

the sun gods must have noticed my faithfulness (either that or read my last blog post) and rewarded me with some of the sun i’d wake up to “greet” each morning. there wasn’t much of it, only an hour or so after school was let out, but i dilly-dallied on my way back home and went for a run to catch the faintest hint of a sunset over my village. it was wonderful, and also just what i needed.


tuzik also enjoyed the sun


blue skies


my street


oh hello there shadow! haven’t seen you in a while!

2 thoughts on “february twentieth

  1. I didnt’ know Russia had sun!! Must have felt great! I was thinking of a perfect job for you…working for an international travel agency to promote their company. You are great at photography, writing and you definitely love to travel! Won’t be long before your parents arrive, you must be soooo excited. lv aunt linda

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