march sixth

apparently the circus is in town. and no, i’m not referring to my 11th graders, but a real circus. today’s day at school was pretty darn short, but i’m not complaining! half of the school, the younger grades, performed a concert for their mothers as a sort of pre-game to women’s day. and my 4th graders left school to go to the circus in the nearby city. i somehow got caught up in their mob exiting the school and they excitedly thought i was going with them. i was sorry to let them down because, well, they’re just so cute!

instead i stayed behind and went to tame my 11th graders like a ring master. but when i walked in the classroom one boy was ripping apart his notebook with his mouth i knew the challenge was pretty daunting. normally they’re not so bad, but maybe they were hanging out with the circus carnies and caught some sort of a freak show bug. either way, i didn’t have to travel far, or even leave work, to see a circus of sorts.


“circus prestige” i wonder if they really have a polar bear!


5th formers getting ready for perform : )


5th former’s concert for women’s day ( 8th of march)


a rare capture of an empty school hallway


a rare capture of an empty school hallway

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