into the unknown

running in ukraine means you’re more likely to be attacked by a pack of dogs than hit by a car. i’ve had some pretty frightening close calls with bear-sized angry dogs, but thankfully never actually bitten. for a while there had been a pack of dogs haning out in the street that prevented me from going any further to reach the other other other end of my village. but curiosity to find out where the road went and where the sidewalk ends (not there are any sidewalks) overcame me today and i slowed my run down to a quiet creep around where the dogs were. to my luck, they were on the move or snoozing, so i passed the road trolls without any notice and kept on running into the unknown.

there’s something so exciting about discovering new territory while running — a new path, a new view, a new perspective. the outskirts of my village opened up to some sheep pens, gaggles of geese, and then the nothingness of fields. i ran to the muted sounds of baaing sheep, honking geese, and the steady drizzle of rain. i ran until it was just me and some sheep. until it was just me and the road. just me and unknown.


leaving my village



on the way back

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