spring in ze village

my last spring in ukraine has sprung and my last monday at school has passed. i’d like to thank ukraine for sending me off during such a beautiful time of the year. it helps me forget about the long long and oh so cold winters i’ve endured (helps forget, not actually forget). the spring this year seems brighter than before but maybe it’s because spring took what seemed like forever to get here or maybe it’s because i’m looking at everything through my sentimental goggles. maybe both. either way, i fully appreciate (and savor) this spring and all of the sunshine, lofty clouds, red tulips, and white cherry blossoms it brings with it.

now enjoy some photo evidence to prove that spring in ze village is ze best:


on the walk to school



my school is looking oh so nice


view from the second floor at school


wait, am i in holland?




oh hello


neighbor’s house


cherry blossoms in my front yard


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