советские бабушки // soviet babushkas


“time expands, then contracts, all in tune with the stirrings of the heart”                                                           haruki marakami // kafka on the shore

time is an interesting thing — there always seems to be too much of it or too little of it. there have been many a days when i’ve thought of just how long i have left in ukraine, a seemingly endless countdown, but now with only 10 days left in the country i’ve called home for the past two years everything i do is accompanied with a bittersweet prefix of “my last”.

i’ve been trying to update my blog for several days now but the internet hasn’t been working in my favor, so bear with me on the catching up i’m about to do. i tried making a video update but in the 4 times i tried to upload my video i’m pretty sure i caused a village-wide internet crash. sooo, no video for now. i’ll have to wait till i get to america, land of the wi-fi and not-so-frequent-internet-outages, to upload my queue of videos. normally if the internet has a working rate of 2 minutes every 9 hours, i’d slowly start to die inside, but with the weather this nice, i really don’t mind. it’s almost as though ukraine wants me to carpe diem the crap out of my last moments here.

when i’m not trying to figure out what the hell to do with all of my stuff (turns out the airline would charge an insane amount for a second checked bag so one suitcase it is!), i’m spending time with my site mate, landlords & neighbors, reading in the grass, and planning some parties. most recently i hosted an american going away party for myself and another volunteer from my group who’s also leaving in may. after some post-may 1st holiday celebrations and alcohol induced brainstorming, we decided the theme would be “babushka & diduce go to mars!” but somehow it turned into simply wearing floral patterns and wool soviet army hats. oddly enough, my landlords and neighbors really didn’t think it was weird for us to be wearing such outfits…but then again…i’m pretty sure i’ve weirded them out more with my winter running gear.

our melange of a theme themed party turned out to be a great success. my site mate and co-host, sarah, along with the four volunteers in the nearby city who got a glimpse of the village at its finest, enjoyed a hodgepodge of mexican/american/ukrainian foods, had a photo sessia in the fields, and were able to take some things of mine (woo!). i tried to keep sentimentality to a minimum (although sarah’s adorable drawing of us and village life almost made me cry), i mean i can only handle so many last parties, so while it really didn’t feel like too much of a ‘last party together’, it was still a perfect way to say good-bye.


sarah’s drawing “village life” — it captures the essence of what i love and will miss about village life.


babushka soviet soldiers // this is really how sarah and i normally dress


giving a tour of village life


posing with my neighbor kola and landlady alla


my landlord sergie and sarah’s landlord kola


swinging through the cucumber vines


photo sessia in the fields


sarah looks a bit sleepy, but i still love this photo

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