на коня // one for the road

while “на коня” literally translates to “on the horse”, it’s a phrase in ukrainian/russian that means “one for the road”. it’s usually the “last” toast at parties, though sometimes people may toast to “the horse’s tail..left leg, left foot…” if they really don’t want things to end. i’ve come to learn many toasts throughout my service, but this one seems the most fitting right now since this will be my last blog post in ukraine — but never fear, it’s not last ever!

i only have 45 minutes till my flight to singapore by way of dubai begins to board so this won’t be very long…not to mention, my brain is kind of spent and on top of that an airport gate with wild children isn’t the most conducive writing environment.  anyways, past few days have been emotionally exhausting, full of even more good-byes, final signatures on peace corps paper work, and last of the last hurrahs. in so many ways it hasn’t hit me yet, nothing really feels different yet. maybe once i get all new underwear and socks i’ll feel like a new person…

yesterday marked my final day as a peace corps volunteer. i finished all my paperwork, had my final exiting interview, and rang the ceremonial “close of service bell”. things have officially come to an end — my service officially completed. I DID IT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! i’ve gone from PCV to RPCV (returned peace corps volunteer)…even though i’ve yet to actually return.

i’ll take the long way home by travelling around south east asia for a month. i’m pretty sure my brain is on cruise because it hasn’t really realized that i’m going to be in singapore with my brother (who lives there) within the next 24 hours. crazy!!! i’d better get ready to get my sweat on. while singapore will be my base camp, i’ll take a solo trip to malaysia and then my brother and i will travel to taiwan and thailand and then travel home to america on june 17th. WOO WOO!

i hope to blog a little throughout that time, though i’ve told myself i can’t let it take away from actually being there. so, we’ll see what i can manage. but knowing me and how much i enjoy writing, i’ll most likely still be posting. okay, time to get ready to board my plane and leave ukraine…one-way ticket. weirdweirdweirdweird. this is really done. things are really over…

so here’s to the end of my service, to my time in ukraine, the end of a chapter, to the wonderful friends i’ve made, to future travels and new things. here’s to one for the road, the beginning of my long journey home — на коня!

Screen Shot 2013-04-29 at 8.37.59 PM

10 thoughts on “на коня // one for the road

    • ms roth, I can’t thank you enough for the kind things you’ve said about my blog! (Morgan tells me these things). it makes me so happy to know people enjoy reading what I write. I’ll be sure to keep it up!! I bet you are beyond excited to have Morgan home soon! : )

  1. Hi Kristen,

    We hope and pray you and Kevin have safe, healthy and pleasant travels. How exciting to see those countries. When will Kevin come back to U.S.? Did the birthday card we sent ever arrive? Sorry if it did not make it before you left. How wonderful that you will be home in about a month.

    Be careful and God bless and protect you and Kevin.

    Love and blessings, Nancy and Dave

    Sent from my iPad

    • aunt Nancy & uncle Dave,

      thanks for the comment!! ive really been enjoying my travels! I think Kevin should be home in late July or august. I never did get your card : ( sorry! sometimes the mail is so slow there. I’ll have to ask my landlords if they got it. I hope all is well with you and the family!

      love and hugs from Malaysia,
      Kristen : )

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