a little travel update from KLP

some of you might be (or might not be) wondering where I am at the moment. I know your life just isn’t the same without my lowercase love!

just to catch you up, i made it safely to singapore, hung out there with my brother for a bit (i have some photos on flickr already) and then hopped over to malaysia for my first real solo trip — greetings from kuala lampur!

I was thinking of doing a “photoblog travelogue” about singapore but I just have way too many photos right now. not to mention, it deserves some well thought out text to go with it…buuuut so far, my travel notes are a bit chaotic and neanderthal-like. I’ll get to sorting my words out soon, I promise.

in the meantime, just so you don’t think I’m dead, here’s a glimpse of some poor quality iphone photos i’ve taken the past two days. there will be more to come!




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