Reblog: when ‘XOXO’ means ‘HOHO’: valentine’s day in ukraine

Reminiscing about Valentine’s days past. While I (slowly) work on a couple new posts, please enjoy this old post and rejoice in the fact that my blog is 3 years old and although postings have been few since I became a graduate student, Borscht and Babushkas is in fact not quite yet dead.

borscht and babushkas

IMG_1564 my hot date for valentine’s day.

ukrainians love to ask about my love life — or rather, my non-existent love life. i get rather bored with answering their questions over and over, so i like to change up my answer every now and then. if it’s creepy men prompting the question i usually answer with i have a boyfriend at home, or a boyfriend here. if it’s my landlady i tell her i don’t need one, or now’s not the best time. if it’s my students i tell them i’m dating santa claus (they find this quite hilarious).

but since i’ve finally decided to do something with the “grow a boyfriend” my mom sent A YEAR AGO (you know, the one that has been sitting on my shelf mocking and reminding me like ukrainians just how single i am). but now i can finally give them an honest answer —…

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2 thoughts on “Reblog: when ‘XOXO’ means ‘HOHO’: valentine’s day in ukraine

  1. Well Ms. Kristy, I will help keep your blog alive. I hear you are having a fabulous time in grad school. Keep writing. Someday we will find a book authored by you (maybe even illustrated and bound by you) “Adventures with Little Uki’s”. Or maybe a big heavy coffee table book. I’ll be waiting.
    Dawn Roth
    A loyal fan and Peace Corps mama

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