First Semester Review: Calligraphy Blackletter Hands

The third and final instillation of my “First Semester Review”. Finally! It’s halfway through the current semester aaaaaand I’m still posting about the last one. Oops. But now I can (hopefully) move on to posting more current/super cool things I’m working on! Well…that’s my goal anyways. We’ll see what grad school has to say about that.

For those of you that don’t know: I’m left-handed.

Yup. I said it. I’m part of that small whatever percent of the population that gets asked the most obvious/peeved question by on lookers while writing “Wait, are you left-handed?!”. Noooooo, I just decided to pick it up today.

Clearly, this lefty has some rightie-world issues. Calligraphy is one of them.

My love for lettering started, well, a long time ago though my modern lettering practice began mostly while I was in Ukraine. I would spend hours writing, sketching, and analyzing. So not only am I a self-proclaimed typography snob, but a hand lettering snob, too. Basically, I love letters.

In my adolescence I bought a “Calligraphy Starter Kit” and tried as I might, I SUCKED. I thought it was hopeless and couldn’t for the life of me understand why my letters never looked like the ones in the book. Little did I know that it wasn’t my skill at all (for once!), it was literally because I was doing it wrong (though not by fault).

Wrong you ask? Oh, I mean wrong because I’m left-handed. But how?!? Well, because calligraphy is actually designed for right-handed people. The pen nibs, strokes, and angles are all designed by dragging the pen rather than pushing the pen the left-handed way.

I can’t even get most regular pens to work so why should I think calligraphy should work. Thankfully lefties are quick adapters — we have to be! — and on the first day of class, as the only lefty in sight, I finally figured out the great mystery behind why calligraphy never worked for me.

It’s because I have to write at a 90* angle. 90*s!!! (no, not the band)

Let’s get this straight — I’m not a “hookie” or a “sideways writer” or any of those weird terms people call lefties. I hold my pen/wrist like any other rightie out there…just…with my left hand. So imagine having to turn your paper 90* and learn to write your letters sideways and work on a sentence from top to bottom. Talk about mind-blowing. It wasn’t easy at all. And though things got easier with endless hours of hand-cramping practice, it still didn’t feel natural.

I’m (clearly) still beyond frustrated since I’ve tried to turn my well practiced lettering art (that I do mostly in pen and pencil) into a calligraphed hand but my style doesn’t transfer well into 90* side ways writing. There’s always hope of course. I’m sure with years of sideways writing practice I’ll improve. But at least for now I’ve mastered a few blackletter hands and can sideways write all the love letters to Dracula I could possibly fancy.

Rant complete. Now enjoy some photos.

One thought on “First Semester Review: Calligraphy Blackletter Hands

  1. I’d never thought about the “pushing” part of calligraphy that lefties may not be able to do naturally…fascinating. All your letters look great to me!

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