post purgatory and post-post purgatory with a commissioned sketchbook

As promised to myself on my laundry list of “to-do”s for the summer, I will finally tend to some blog posts that have been in draft purgatory for far too long. And by far too long I mean over three years…but this one doesn’t date back that far, just a couple years–more precisely to my first commissioned bookbinding job, a sketchbook, circa my second semester in my MFA program. So why care at all about relinquishing these purgatory-placed drafts now? Well, in part because this summer weather has Dante’s Inferno and the nine layers of hell on my mind and they’re mostly just photography based posts, and who doesn’t like photos? Not only can I shamelessly reminisce through my old photos, but it’ll clear my drafted list and my blog conscience.

DSC_0007 DSC_0009 DSC_0012



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