P.C. Ukraine

pretty much everything you need to know (and then some) about peace corps ukraine

flag of ukraine

inspiration for the flag: blue skies over wheat fields


after enduring the leeeeengthy and detailed application process
(which began october 2009) i’m finally on my way! : )

country: ukraine
program: teaching english as a foreign language
job title: secondary education TEFL teacher
i work as currently an english teacher at a village school of 400 students grades 1-11th. i teach 18 hours a week and organize various clubs and events.

orientation: march 21–22 2011 in washington, d.c.
(i’ll meet everyone else in my pc group [finally!] and we’ll all fly out to ukraine together. yay!)

pre-service training: march 23–june 15 2011 in ukraine
(three months of language and culture training near the capital kyiv in ukraine. i’ll live with a host family for this time)

dates of service: june 16th 2011–(may) or june 14 2013
(all trainees get sworn in, receive our individual assignments and placements and the journey begins!)


learn more about peace corps ukraine herehere, and here.

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