february 2011

march 2011
i think i can can
impackable taste
patriotic parties & purposeful packing
i’m leavin on a jet plane
Я живу в кагарлику
in the land of snow and sunflowers
i like to write/pee
jackets and jorts

april 2011
dostoyevsky and desk lamps
conserves, compote, and class
happy birthdays, horilka, and holodets
paska and potato plantin’

may 2011
post-paska paska, picnics, and pear trees

a randomized list of all you have missed

july 2011
summer camp, shirtless men, and sunflowers

august 2011
midnight swims and mining shafts
neighborly neighbors and summery summers
poops, pears, and packages

september 2011
photos, paper, and penmanship
site integration & dog collar inaugurations
first bell and floral bouquets
harvest handouts and hogs
questionable beans and questionable drunks
alphabet tutoring and amish thoughts
baking and brown-nosing
discipline and desserts
cinderella carriages and cellphone confiscations
spoon hitting and accordion playing
lenas and lock-ins
bad pupils and burning peels
overcrowded schools and the obviously serious
pesky pests and pesky pupils
post-soviet school systems and pretty picture shows
discipline, devotion, and death defying draperies
six month mark
beets, beans, and buckwheat
address change
fall seductions and fuchsia scrunchies

october 2011
competitions, celebrations, and cakes
grapes of wrath and of mice and (wo)men
barely believable beet brownie bites
telling time and three hour tours
smokin in the girls room and shellin seeds

november 2011
turkish delight
ukraine is not yet dead…and neither am i
travel, turkey, and giving thanks

december 2011
coiffures, candy coating, and copycats
cyrillic calendars and christmas celebrations


january 2012
sugar and spice and holidays twice
sportsmenka sightings and village voyeurism
drinking buddies and delirious bantering
revolutionary resolutions and residual resiliency

february 2012
mild hypothermia, marriage help, and monkey hats

bailed banana bread and cognac covered carpathians
village thrillage

march 2012
the deep freeze
silicone bakeware and second beginnings
let them eat cake
в день восьмое марта // women’s day in ukraine
a year for the record book

april 2012
towers, tiaras, and terracotta tiles
april in konstantinovka

may 2012
the past month in 5-7-5-7-7
america’s eating disorder: how ukraine’s got something right
macking on mak: and my (not so secret) love affair with poppy seeds

june 2012
school complaints and summer camps
martha stewart-esque manual labor strawberry muffins
chocolate chip cookie version 2.0
fancy designs and folk songs
toad invasions and insightful tours
40 days and 40 nights
one year of service

july 2012
what i talk about when i talk about ukraine
you know you’re a peace corp volunteer in ukraine when. . .

august 2012
america the comfortable, odessa the mullety, and a village (party of one)

september 2012
smock dress dreams & summer’s discrete depart
fruit fly fights & lines lacking logic
peanut butter chocolate time
saying goodbye to facebook & hello to productivity (well, maybe)
september twenty seventh

october 2012
october second
flattering translation errors & first time english clubs
october fourth
borscht borscht baby
vegan chocolate chocolate orange cake
teacher’s day celebrations & torturously drawn-out concerts
october fifth
cultural intolerance: past & present
it’s not you it’s me…breaking up with domesticity
october eighth
(sort of) why i joined peace corps & my ‘kenya complex’
winter is coming the geese are getting fat
october tenth
october eleventh
america: the land of convenience & waste…oh and a banana bread recipe
october twelfth
snickerdoodle blondies
world map progress & waning my perfectionism
october fifteenth
world map progress // четвертый день
world map progress // п’ятий день
world map progress // шостий день
october nineteenth
in lieu of you i’ll make some stew
world map progress // сьомий день
world map progress // восьмой день
an evening spent with vampires & zombies
october twenty-fourth
world map progress // девятий день
there’s free airport wifi so I couldn’t help myself

november 2012
turkey in 5 x 5s
4 girls, 3 cities, 1 turkey
november seventh
november eighth
not all those who wander are lost
life as a lefty: a rondeau and a ramble
lentil and mushroom shepherd’s pie
november eleventh
you now have six months to figure out your life. good luck.
cheater cheater pumpkin eater: ukraine’s plagiarism plague
please help out my dear pcv friend
november sixteenth
november seventeenth
these boots were made for walking (and breaking gender expectations too)
world map progress // дванадцятий день
world map progress // тринадцятий день
thanksgiving in ukraine: round two and minus the turkey
just some photos you may have missed
world map completion // останній день!
hearty butternut squash chowder
november twenty-eighth
november twenty-ninth
semi-irish irish soda bread
creamy butternut squash soup
suckered back by zuckerberg

december 2012
back to the washing board
cornmeal lemon poppy seed muffins with honey butter glaze
vegan three bean chili with orange and ginger
pumpkin oatmeal chocolate chip muffins
the encroachment of english week and the end of the world
lust of the mesh
when running in circles is a good thing
cooking with zero watts & veggie chickpea butternut squash stew with buckwheat
twenty-one month mark and an american (that’s not me) moves to town!
documentary ‘ukraine: state of chaos’
winter worries & hog harvests
foreign language week
december twenty-second
the gift of christmas cheer, candy canes, & cavities
2012: a year in review


january 2013
new years in ukraine: it wasn’t me
romania in 5x5s
romania: transylvainian slopes and tasty sausages
old new years and musings of a singleton on sudafed
syrniki aka сирники aka ukrainian cheesecakes
photo tutorial: how to bucket bathe (G-rated version)
january twentieth
guess what’s living in kristen’s kitchen!
thai don’t know what to call this goodness except for maybe ‘heaven’ or ‘thai rice noodles with veggies and tofu’
january twenty-ninth or “how is it not even february?”
january thirty-first

february 2013
peace corps training photo/video montage
indian curry with potatoes, chickpeas, and peas
two years of blogging later…
when “xoxo” means “hoho”: valentine’s day in ukraine
what to do when you have cabin fever
february twentieth
guilt-free banana oatmeal “cookies”

march 2013
13.1 and half-way there
villagestagrams of the week that was
football firsts and failed feminism
march sixth
into the unknown
c 8 мaрта // з 8 березня
the b.b.b.b. veggie burger
a dream deferred
rape of the lock
krakow in 5 x 5s
lviv in 5 x 5s
kyiv in 5x 5s

april 2013
kraków // краков
the 8 days in ukraine that i wasn’t poor (aka my parents came to ukraine!)
the beginning of the end // close of service conference
my third birthday in ukraine at the “yummy” age of 26…oh and some news
spring in ze village
where’s your head at?
lenten potato varenyky
kafka on the train
ukraine: a video brought to you by two touring dutch cyclists

may 2013
советские бабушки // soviet babushkas
cinco de mayonnaise // orthodox easter
may seventh
salat vinaigrette version 2.0
may eleventh
the final countdown // last day of teaching in ukraine
good-bye village life // leaving site
на коня // one for the road
a little travel update from KLP
kuala lampur in 5 x 5s
georgetown penang in 5 x 5s

june 2013
taiwan & thailand in 5 x 5s
home is where the heart is

july 2013
market musings & metric meddlings
Video: Wrapping things up at site

september 2013
September First

october 2013
Field of Dreams 


February 2014
First Semester Review: Letterpress I
First Semester Review: Bookbinding I



February 2015
2nd Semester in Review
3rd Semester in Review

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