february 2011

march 2011
i think i can can
impackable taste
patriotic parties & purposeful packing
i’m leavin on a jet plane
Я живу в кагарлику
in the land of snow and sunflowers
i like to write/pee
jackets and jorts

april 2011
dostoyevsky and desk lamps
conserves, compote, and class
happy birthdays, horilka, and holodets
paska and potato plantin’

may 2011
post-paska paska, picnics, and pear trees

a randomized list of all you have missed

july 2011
summer camp, shirtless men, and sunflowers

august 2011
midnight swims and mining shafts
neighborly neighbors and summery summers
poops, pears, and packages

september 2011
photos, paper, and penmanship
site integration & dog collar inaugurations
first bell and floral bouquets
harvest handouts and hogs
questionable beans and questionable drunks
alphabet tutoring and amish thoughts
baking and brown-nosing
discipline and desserts
cinderella carriages and cellphone confiscations
spoon hitting and accordion playing
lenas and lock-ins
bad pupils and burning peels
overcrowded schools and the obviously serious
pesky pests and pesky pupils
post-soviet school systems and pretty picture shows
discipline, devotion, and death defying draperies
six month mark
beets, beans, and buckwheat
address change
fall seductions and fuchsia scrunchies

october 2011
competitions, celebrations, and cakes
grapes of wrath and of mice and (wo)men
barely believable beet brownie bites
telling time and three hour tours
smokin in the girls room and shellin seeds

november 2011
turkish delight
ukraine is not yet dead…and neither am i
travel, turkey, and giving thanks

december 2011
coiffures, candy coating, and copycats
cyrillic calendars and christmas celebrations

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