january 2013
new years in ukraine: it wasn’t me
romania in 5x5s
romania: transylvainian slopes and tasty sausages
old new years and musings of a singleton on sudafed
syrniki aka сирники aka ukrainian cheesecakes
photo tutorial: how to bucket bathe (G-rated version)
january twentieth
guess what’s living in kristen’s kitchen!
thai don’t know what to call this goodness except for maybe ‘heaven’ or ‘thai rice noodles with veggies and tofu’
january twenty-ninth or “how is it not even february?”
january thirty-first

february 2013
peace corps training photo/video montage
indian curry with potatoes, chickpeas, and peas
two years of blogging later…
when “xoxo” means “hoho”: valentine’s day in ukraine
what to do when you have cabin fever
february twentieth
guilt-free banana oatmeal “cookies”

march 2013
13.1 and half-way there
villagestagrams of the week that was
football firsts and failed feminism
march sixth
into the unknown
c 8 мaрта // з 8 березня
the b.b.b.b. veggie burger
a dream deferred
rape of the lock
krakow in 5 x 5s
lviv in 5 x 5s
kyiv in 5x 5s

april 2013
kraków // краков
the 8 days in ukraine that i wasn’t poor (aka my parents came to ukraine!)
the beginning of the end // close of service conference
my third birthday in ukraine at the “yummy” age of 26…oh and some news
spring in ze village
where’s your head at?
lenten potato varenyky
kafka on the train
ukraine: a video brought to you by two touring dutch cyclists

may 2013
советские бабушки // soviet babushkas
cinco de mayonnaise // orthodox easter
may seventh
salat vinaigrette version 2.0
may eleventh
the final countdown // last day of teaching in ukraine
good-bye village life // leaving site
на коня // one for the road
a little travel update from KLP
kuala lampur in 5 x 5s
georgetown penang in 5 x 5s

june 2013
taiwan & thailand in 5 x 5s
home is where the heart is

july 2013
market musings & metric meddlings
Video: Wrapping things up at site

september 2013
September First

october 2013
Field of Dreams 

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