First Semester Review: Bookbinding I

Continuing with my series, I now present a semester review of Bookbinding I.

I love bookbinding. Like, I really, really love it — which is why I’m continuing in Bookbinding II this semester. Prior to this class, I hadn’t had any experience in bookbinding, well, other than constructing mock-ups of pamphlets and books for graphic design. Even back then, the mock-up production phase was my favorite part of the whole graphic design process (that should have been my first clue). There’s so much precision and exactness in measurements and production that this highly anal retentive girl can just go to town with! It’s great. Basically, to be semi-melodramatic-but-also-totally-serious, bookbinding changed my life. If I’m not making books I quite literally miss making them. Some might say I have a problem, but it’s a problem I’m very okay with having.

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