georgetown penang in 5 x 5s

georgetown — just when i didn’t think things could be any hotter. georgetown isn’t only hot it’s hott…but in an old toothless man driving a rickshaw sort of a hott…if that exists  i’m going to say it does. though, this could be the heat making my logic a little bit fuzzy. anyways, tomorrow it’s back to singapore for a few days (time to edit my photos and write some more!) before i head to taiwan and thailand.





2 thoughts on “georgetown penang in 5 x 5s

  1. Hi Kristen and Kevin,

    We hope all is well with you both. Will you travel together? Our thoughts and prayers are with both of you. Your travels sound exciting. Would there be any chance to get a few a stamps? I realize you can not always find some and do not want it to be inconvenient. I will definitely pay for them when you get home. Thanks a lot.

    We love hearing from you. Be careful, and we pray you have safe, healthy and pleasant travels. God bless you both.

    Love and blessings, Nancy and Dave Sent from my iPad

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